中川研究室(リサーチグループ)は, 電子スピン共鳴(MRIと同様な)法を専門とする

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弘前大学 地域イノベーション学系 中川研究室
Division of Regional Innovations, Hirosaki University

SAKURA Science (2019); EPR/ESR images published (画像)

中川 研究室 2021 Keywords: 電子スピン共鳴, EPR/ESR; イメージング, imaging; 皮膚, skin; 抗酸化物質, antioxidants; 色素性ラジカル, pigmented radical; アントシアニン, anthocyanins; メラニン, melanin; 活性酸素種, reactive oxygen species

  • Please note that I am looking for serious scientists who are interested in my research.
  • Please contact me (nakagawa(at)

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New 01/10/2021 Updated our HP.

New 12/10/2020 KN gave the lecture about black garlic at Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture. (最新の黒にんにく研究について講演をしました。) Press release 報道の記事.

10/14/2020 We published the results about  black garlic (黒ニンニク) in Molecules.
Press relesase (報道の記事、陸奥新報社2020・10・8 朝刊3面)

09/14/2020 KN is an Edtorial Board Member of Dermato (MDPI Journal)
○ 06/03/2020 We published the results about  Camellia japonica (椿) seeds in Antioxidants.
○ 02/01/2020 Updated our HP.
07/17/2019 JST SAKURA Exchange Program in Science 2019 was accepted.
06/11/2019 アップルウェーブ 78.8 MHz「津軽いじん館」出演 6/12 16:00-16:30.
○ 04/23/2019 平成30年度 公益社団法人日本油化学会 学会賞を受賞しました.
2018 Japan Oil Chemists' Society Academic Award recieved.
弘前大学ホームページ (Hirosaki University Home page)
○ 02/04/2019 第23回ESRフォーム研究会の特別講演を掲載しました.
○ 01/03/2019 第23回ESRフォーム研究会のホームページを作成しました.
○ 10/25/2018 Updated our HP.
○ 07/30/2018 JST SAKURA Exchange Program in Science 2018.
○ 07/16/2018 Updated
our HP.

05/06/2018 Updated our HP.
○ 01/05/2018 We recently received "Hot Article Award" of the Analytical Sciences.
○ 11/26/2017 Our JST SAKURA Science report was published on the web
○ 10/06/2017 Updated Patents (特許).
○ 04/18/2017 JST SAKURA Exchange Program in Science was funded.
○ 03/14/2017 KN received the academic award (東北分析化学功績賞) at Tohoku University.
○ 11/14/2016 Updated People in my group.
○ 10/24/2016 Updated Patents (特許).
○ 07/30/2016 Updated KAKEN (B) research report (25282124)
○ 02/03/2016 Updated people in our research group (グループの人々).
○ 01/09/2016 Nakagawa will appear on FM radio program “Apple College” which will be broadcasted at 19:00 on Sunday, March 6 & 20, 2016. FM (Apple Wave) 78.8 MHz, Hirosaki, Japan.

  • Address: Division of Regional Innovations (Graduate School of Health Sciences), Hirosaki University, 66-1 Hon-cho, Hirosaki, 036-8564 JAPAN
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